J Beverly Hills BLUE

J Beverly Hills Blue knows that great hair comes from great hair care. The J Beverly Hills Blue line evokes a new feeling of strength and sophistication for a generation who is bold, brilliant, and in control. Complete with products to suit all hair types and styles.  Blue adds a straightforward approach to your prescribed hair care routine.

B Addbody Conditioner 12 oz
B Addbody Conditioner 3 oz
B Addbody Conditioner 32 oz
B Blonde Conditioner 12 oz
B Blonde Conditioner 32 oz
B Everyday Conditioner 12 oz
B Everyday Conditioner 3 oz
B Everyday Conditioner 32 oz
B Fragile Conditioner 12 oz
B Fragile Conditioner 3 oz
B Fragile Conditioner 32 oz
B Masque Treatment 12 oz
B Masque Treatment 32 oz
B Rescue Conditioner 12 oz
B Rescue Conditioner 3 oz
B Rescue Conditioner 32 oz
B Dry Shine 1 oz DISCONTINUED (Sold Out)