J Beverly Hills Colour

J BEVERLY HILLS® COLOUR was created by Juan Juan to
ensure that all salon artists are supported by a professional line
providing optimum performance. We have a variable mixing ratio
providing everything from a modern, vibrant, dimensional look to
a rich, intense more opaque result in levels 1-10. Semi, Demi,
Permanent can be achieved with one tube.

5NN 5.00+ Light Intense Natural Brown
6NN 6.00+ Dark Intense Natural Blonde
7NN 7.00+ Intense Natural Blonde
9NN 9.00+ Very Light Intense Natural Blonde
10G 10.3 Lightest Golden Blonde
10N 10.0 Lightest Blonde
10VA 10.71 Lightest Opulent Blonde
11AA 11.11 Silver Ash Blonde
11AB 11.12 Smokey Silver Blonde
11BB 11.22 Smokey Ash Blonde
11CVV 11.477 Intense Copper Violet
11NN 11.00 Extra Light Blonde
12A 12.1 Ultra Light Ash Blonde
12B 12.2 Ultra Light Smokey Blonde
12G 12.3 Ultra Light Golden Blonde
12N 12.0 Ultra Light Blonde
12SI 12.222 Ultra Light Silver Blonde
12V 12.07 Extra Light Opulent Blonde
12VVB 12.772 Intense Matte Violet
4G 4.3 Medium Golden Brown
4GRV 4.35 Dark Chocolate Brown
4NM 4.01 Medium Brown Natural Matte
4VV 4.77 Medium Burgundy Brown -
5C 5.4 Light Copper Brown
5G 5.3 Light Golden Brown