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About Freyja

Inspired by the strength, beauty, timelessness and natural power of the Nordic wilderness and with a passion to bring the most premium quality CBD products into the beauty industry, Freyja CBD Treatment is the realization of years of research, development and relentless effort.

 From the very beginning, Freyja established itself as a true salon-exclusive, high potency, professional set of CBD infused beauty products focused on the bright future of CBD and the amazing benefits of canabidiol when properly combined with potent botanicals, a patented amino acid complex and luxurious natural ingredients. Freyja has blended the power of nature's best gifts into crisp, exceptional, classy products that heal, restore and revitalize skin, scalp and hair.


Every aspect of Freyja is top tier. From the unmatched organic and 100% THC free, pharmaceutical grade CBD oil to the clean, professional packaging, every detail has been painstakingly developed to bring a perfect balance of nature and science to every client’s beauty regime. 

Freyja is designed to comfort, ease and heal countless skin ailments from eczema and psoriasis to sunburn and acne. On scalp and hair, Freyja stimulates the scalp, encourages new hair growth, moisturizes and alleviates multiple scalp issues. Botanicals such as Resveratrol (from merlot grapes), cedar wood oil, shea butter and peppermint restore the scalp, encourage new hair growth, volumize and moisturize the hair and reverse the damage of dry climates.

Verified by third party chromatography lab analysis, Freyja is confirmed to have 0.00% THC while also containing some of the very highest concentrations of CBD oil in any hair, scalp and skin product. It is unmatched as effective, powerful, affordable and luxurious hair and skin care and is available only through independent, professional salons and stylists.